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Rifle/Pistol Match 7-31-2016 with KE Arms Carry Gear

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Training and Manufacturing Resources Coming Together

Several months ago one of Suarez International’s Staff instructors, Jon Payne, came to me with a problem; build a rifle for a student that was missing his left arm. The student, Brad, had lost his left arm in an accident … Continue reading

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Suarez International Ultimate Combat Rifle Camp

Background At the end of May I had the opportunity to attend the Suarez International Ultimate Combat Rifle Camp in Prescott, AZ taught by Gabe Suarez himself.  The class was an over view of a lot of subjects related to … Continue reading

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How to Shoot Propeller Plate Rack

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Interviews at Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun 2015

I did some interviews at SMM3G last week with other competitors. 3 Gun History Eric and Kurt Miller have been shooting 3 Gun for 20 years, including the original SOF matches that started it all. In this interview we discuss … Continue reading

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Airsoft as a Competition Training Tool

My uncle is a retired police firearms instructor.  In his retirement he got into shooting airsoft and air guns at his home to keep his marksmanship skills sharp.  It was cheaper and easier than going to the range for him … Continue reading

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Multi-Gun Competition Classes

I have been competing in action shooting sports since 2001.  I will readily admit that I wasn’t even a middle of the pack shooter at local matches until 2005-2006.  I learned a lot about gun handling and marksmanship shooting matches.  … Continue reading

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