Moving Targets

Not every club has access to elaborate moving target systems, and it is certainly less common for the individual to have them to practice on their own.  Consequently, when presented with a stage like this at a major match shooters who haven’t encountered these challenges before can be intimidated.  Here is some general guidance if you do encounter this type of stage.

1) Pay close attention during the stage briefing, and watch the demostration of the targets being activated.  This is particularly true if you are the first shooter.
2) If you are not the first shooter watch at least 3-4 other shooters on the stage to get an idea of how consistently the targets move and present themselves.  Sometimes activators don’t work as quickly or targets move faster.
3) With multiple moving targets you need to know the sequence and how much time you have availble.  You need to know that split second of when to abandon one target and move onto the next.  In this video I took a second longer to make sure my shotgun safetywas on; Something I didn’t account for in stage planning.  I only got one shot off at a disappearing paper.  Fortunately that one shot counted to neutralize the target.
4) If you aren’t confident, don’t take the risk.  Some people tried to engage more targets during the delays between activators.  They didn’t accurately gauge how long it would take to transiton back, and thus missed multiple targets.  People either did well on this stage or crashed and burned.
5) Targets that disappear with no chance to re-engage are alway the priority.
6) On swinging targets don’t chase them, pick a spot and ambush them with 3-4 rounds as they swing past.
7) In the event movers will slow down and remain visible activate the mover first then shoot everything else and finish on the mover once it has slowed down a bit.

There is no substitute for practicing on the actual target systems you will face at matches.  If possible find a local match that has some, or do a group buy with friends to have some to practice on your own.

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