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Safariland ALS Holster for Red Dot Glock

I read an article on military times a couple months ago about a Safariland ALS holster designed to accommodate Glocks with red dots mounted.  I had been wanting to try the ALS system after using the SLS roto-hood system for … Continue reading

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AR15 vs SCAR-H MK17S Speed Test

I ran an informal test with fellow competitive shooter, Karl, to see how fast the SCAR-H MK17S handles at close range compared to our AR15 carbines.  We expected the SCAR-H to be slower as it is in 7.62mm NATO and … Continue reading

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I wasn’t very interested in gettng a 7.62mm battle rifle until I handled a friends Mk17S SCAR-H.  After shooting the SCAR-H, I was immediately impressed.  For a .308/7.62mm NATO Rifle it is very light weighing in at just 8 pounds; … Continue reading

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The Saiga-12 Saga…

There’s been been discussion recently on other blogs and forums about Saiga-12s, their reliability, modifications required out of the box, and durability.  I was an early adopter of the platform, and started using them competitively in action shooting sports in … Continue reading

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