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Colt Monolithic Polymer Lower from the Vietnam Era

During the Vietnam Era Colt made prototype monolithic polymer receiver M16s.  These photos are from an online auction where one came up for sale. Plastics and materials technology just wasn’t advanced enough back then for Colt to make this work. … Continue reading

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Repairing a CAV-15 MKII with Broken Selector Wall

In the CAV-15 Receiver, the selector spring and detent load from the top and the selector is then slid over top of them. The selector does not need to be removed to service or install Mil-Spec Fire control parts.  In … Continue reading

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CAV-15 MKII Tech Notes, Assembly

With the popularity of InRange TV’s WWSD project, more people are interested in CAV-15 receivers than ever before. To combat misinformation and guesses people are posting on message boards and chat rooms, here are the tech notes on assembling and … Continue reading

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KE Arms Triggers in the CAV-15 MKII

This article has been updated 3-7-2019 to reflect product updates and new trigger options. I keep getting questions about which triggers will work in a CAV-15 MKII based on my old article on the subject As may be apparent from … Continue reading

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Training and Manufacturing Resources Coming Together

Several months ago one of Suarez International’s Staff instructors, Jon Payne, came to me with a problem; build a rifle for a student that was missing his left arm. The student, Brad, had lost his left arm in an accident … Continue reading

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Internet Rumor Control: Epic KaBoom!

Hell, I was there… They say anything that goes on the net will never go away. This is definitely true, In the past week an image of a rifle that suffered a catastrophic failure has gone viral. Again. Unfortunately when … Continue reading

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Hard as Hell 3 Gun 2014

Backgound 2014 was my thirteenth year competing in action shooting events. Matches have started becoming routine after going to the same ones year after year. Even with the more challenging events I go to like the Ironman 3 Gun I … Continue reading

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2014 TIGER Valley Team Match

Background TIGER Valley of Waco, TX is a world class shooting facility that regularly holds various competitive events. It is one of the only facilities that hosts open registration tactical team matches. From 2009-2012 TIGER Valley ran annual 4 man … Continue reading

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Ironman 3 Gun Match 2014

Ironman 2014 marked the 10th Anniversary of Trooper Class.  I’m the only person who has competed in Trooper Division at all 10 Ironman Matches that have featured it.  As one of the division’s founders I’m glad to see it remain … Continue reading

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GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII Abuse Test

Still functioning, still zeroed. Hahn Precision sights at photography by Whiskey Two Four

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