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Why is your front sight so far back?

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No Buffer Detent in AR15

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Chuckwulla Holster by We Plead the 2nd

As an early adopter of slide mounted optics in 2010, one of the first challenges I encountered was  getting a holster to work with an optic on the pistol.  First I was able to modify a Safariland SLS to work, … Continue reading

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Personal Equipment as a Total System

Article up on Breach-Bang-Clear

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2 Gun Action Challenge Match 10-15-2016

Apparently shooting in armor didn’t slow me down much. 1st/53 overall, 1/8 armored at Two Gun Action Challenge Match Competitors wearing plates compete in Armored division. The Ferro Concepts slickster plate carrier was comfortable throughout the day. I haven’t competed … Continue reading

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KE Arms/KE15 Rifle

KE Arms has brought me on board as Marketing Director after shooting SMM3G 2015 with them.  I’m excited to be part of a company with such impressive manufacturing capabilities and quality people.  Amongst other things I will be coordinating match … Continue reading

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TAC-SCOPE-3 Gun Divisions Break Down

Continuing from my first post explaining Limited Division 3 Gun, this post on Tac-Scope Division will be more of a history lesson.  The equipment rules for Tac-Scope are otherwise the same as Limited or Tac-Irons with a single magnifying optic … Continue reading

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LIMITED DIVISION-3 Gun Divisions Break Down

One of the most common reasons people tell me they don’t want to compete is “I don’t have the right gear”.  There is a misconception that you must have super tricked out race guns to even show up.  While it … Continue reading

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Inside My 3 Gun Range Pack

I’ve never been a fan of using carts or converted strollers to carry my ammo and gear around the range at 3 Gun Matches.  Using a pack and a double long gun case works at any range regardless of terrain … Continue reading

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.300 Blackout in .223 KaBoom

.300 Blackout has gained a lot of attention since it made it’s debut in 2011. There have been caliber conversions for ARs for decades, but they generally required a new bolt and magazine in addition to a barrel. What made .300 … Continue reading

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