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2GACM-Phoenix Shotgun/Pistol Match

The Phoenix Rod and Gun 2 Gun Action Challenge Match ran a special shotgun match earlier this month. I shot it twice; once with my 870 and once with the 1301 Comp, both with Aimpoints mounted in KE Arms mounts. … Continue reading

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2 GACM Special Shotgun Edition

The Tucson Two Gun Action Challenge Match runs shotgun matches as a special event from time to time.  The rules and stage design are intended to make it more practical than the shotgun portions of 3 Gun competitions.  Any time … Continue reading

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Gun Profile: KE-15 for Ironman 2016

My rifles rarely stay in the same configuration for long as new products are released or I want to try different things.  While the rifle I am using for Ironman 3 Gun 2016, is very similar to the one I … Continue reading

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April 2016 Matches

After December 2015, I didn’t do much shooting until April 2016.  Between SHOT Show in January, a dramatic increase in sales at work, and being sick with Pneumonia for almost 2 months, I didn’t shoot any matches for almost 4 … Continue reading

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