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History of the CAV-15 Polymer Receiver

I worked for Cavalry Arms Corp from 2001 until it ceased operations in June of 2010, beginning as shop help and ending as Vice President of the company. During that time I was able to participate in all aspects of … Continue reading

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Match Triggers in the CAV-15 MKII Receiver

The CAV-15 MKII receiver, while being very similar to an AR15 receiver has some differences that allow some match triggers to work, and others to not work well at all. What Won’t Work Rock River Arms 2 Stage Triggers. Over … Continue reading

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Smart Firearms Training Devices SF3 Review

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Cavalry Manufacturing MK17S SCAR P-MAG Lower Testing

Cavalry Manufacturing has been working on a new lower for the SCAR MK17S for some time now. I was recently given a prototype to test with my MK17S. The upper on the SCAR is the regulated serial numbered part, so … Continue reading

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December 2012 Matches

Lots of multi-gunning this month… Rio Salado Multi-Gun 7th/58 Over all, 2nd/11 Open 2 Gun Action Challenge 2nd/42 Overall, 1st/4 Open Division I got a Sig 556R in 7.62x39mm and used it at the last two matches of the month. … Continue reading

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