2GACM-Phoenix Shotgun/Pistol Match

The Phoenix Rod and Gun 2 Gun Action Challenge Match ran a special shotgun match earlier this month. I shot it twice; once with my 870 and once with the 1301 Comp, both with Aimpoints mounted in KE Arms mounts.

2nd Place with the 870

1st Place with the 1301

I found the match to be challenging and practical. I enjoy using shotguns in this format more so than in 3 Gun. The stage designs here made it more beneficial to switch to pistol at different points than the recent Tucson 2GACM shotgun match. Shooter choice and options in problem solving are a good thing.

Unfortunately this match suffered from low attendance; and that combined with bureaucratic difficulties with the host range means that 2GACM of any variety is done at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club for the foreseeable future.

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2 GACM Special Shotgun Edition

The Tucson Two Gun Action Challenge Match runs shotgun matches as a special event from time to time.  The rules and stage design are intended to make it more practical than the shotgun portions of 3 Gun competitions.  Any time a shooter runs empty with the shotgun, they can transition to handgun.  Mag fed shotguns aren’t automatically in open division.  Optics do put a shotgun in open division.  Scoring on paper is the best 4 buck shot hits or the slug hit counting as 4 hits.  With potentially up to 12 seconds being added per paper target, marksmanship with the shotgun and a good pattern is more important than at many other matches.


I shot the match twice.  Once with my Beretta 1301 Comp


And once with my Remington 870

rem870 4

Both shotguns are equipped with Aimpoint Micros in KE Arms mounts.  At this match the 870 had a Vortex SPARC2, but I had to modify the sight to make it work due to the longer front lens housing vs the Aimpoint Micro.

For my ammo I used Fiocchi 3-gun branded buckshot and low recoil slugs.  For birdshot Federal 7.5 shot.

Trooper Gear Shotgun Shell vest.


With the 1301 Comp I placed first with a 29 second lead over a mag fed shooter

With the 870 I placed 3rd, with 0.2 seconds between me and second place.

I shot all the stages with the 870 first, then with the 1301 Comp.  With the physical nature of a lot of these stages, I thought this would provide a more even balance in comparison between using an auto vs a pump.


  • This match was much less of a reloading race than the shotgun portions of 3 gun matches
  • Accuracy with slugs was critical, as was a good buckshot pattern.  The Fiocchi 3 gun loads of Buckshot and Slugs performed great.
  • Red dots on shotguns continue to make everything much easier including shooting at moving targets, longer distance targets with slugs, and from awkward positions.  A red dot with both eyes open has all the speed of a bead sight without the dependency on a consistent cheek weld.
  • Shooting from different positions is a lot easier with an auto loader.  Pumps aren’t necessarily more reliable, and they require more work from unusual positions.

Overall I liked the format, and I would like to see more shotgun events like this.

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Gun Profile: KE-15 for Ironman 2016

My rifles rarely stay in the same configuration for long as new products are released or I want to try different things.  While the rifle I am using for Ironman 3 Gun 2016, is very similar to the one I used last year, there are some differences.


Lower Assembly
KE-15 Billet flared mag well lower
KE Arms NP3 Coated DMR Trigger
KE Arms 45/90 Ambi Selector (set in 45 degree mode)
KE Arms Ambi Sling Plate
Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock
X-Tech Grip


Upper Assembly
KE Arms forged upper
KE Arms Enhanced Charging Handle
KE Arms 15″ Delta-S M-LOK Freefloat handguard
Ballistic Advantage 17.7″ Hanson Barrel
Young Manufacturing SLC bolt carrier group
Griffin Armament Flash Comp

Vortex Razor HD 1-6X JM in ADM mount

Redwire Gear Sling
Magpul MLOK Rail Section
Ergo Grip MLOK Covers

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April 2016 Matches

After December 2015, I didn’t do much shooting until April 2016.  Between SHOT Show in January, a dramatic increase in sales at work, and being sick with Pneumonia for almost 2 months, I didn’t shoot any matches for almost 4 months.  I definitely felt rusty getting back into the groove at these local matches.

Rio Salado 3 Gun 4-9-2016

1st/6 Stealth Division, 15/63 Overall
Rifle: KE Arms Trooper Deluxe with Vortex Razor HD
Shotgun: Beretta 1301 with Aimpoint Micro in KE Mount
Pistol: KE Arms Aimpoint slide equipped Glock 34

2 Gun Action Challenge Match 4-16-2016

5th/59 Overall
Rifle: KE Arms Trooper Deluxe with Vortex Razor HD
Pistol: KE Arms Aimpoint slide equipped Glock 34



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Live on the Outdoor Channel at SHOT 2016

OutdoorChannelFollow the link to see my interview with Michael Bane that broadcast live from SHOT!



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2GACM: Phoenix 12-13-2015

Thanks to the guys at We Plead the 2nd I was able to get a holster for the KE Arms Aimpoint Micro Glock slide made up just in time for the match.  It needs some refinement as we develop this concept, but it worked well for a first ever attempt.  Retention was excellent, indexing off the Aimpoint brightness knob.


Match video:

I placed first open and first over all.  Shooting offhand on the long range stage and not wasting time getting into positions saved me a lot of time over other competitors.  I had the fastest time on 2/3 stages, and second fastest time on the last.

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KE Arms Glock 34 Slide

Edit for Clarification: This is the first prototype slide off the machine.  The cut outs and serrations on production slides are limited only by our imagination.  Don’t like deltas?  There will be other options.


I have previously mentioned that one of the things that attracted me to accepting the marketing director position at KE Arms is the manufacturing capabilities that the company possesses.  Things can sometimes take a while to get rolling, but once they are KE Arms can deliver innovative, high quality parts, in high volume.  The slide project for the Glock 34 we have been working on is no exception.


We are currently in the final testing phases of the Glock 34 slide project.  The slides are made from 17-4 stainless steel.  Making these slides from the ground up presents us with some unique opportunities for customization; including a variety of serrations and cuts to suit the end users taste.  The most notable aspect of customization with the ground up slide is the ability to mount the Aimpoint T-1 micro at the front of the slide without any special plates or adapters.


I was an early adopter of the RMR on the Glock back in 2010.  Using the red dot Glock over the past 5 years I have seen both its benefits, and areas for improvement:

1)      Durability.  RMRs are now better than they used to be, but I have had them fail at inopportune times.

2)      The RMR is susceptible to fouling from sand, dirt, and moisture.  Carrying it on the range or in the field the rear lens acts like a cup collecting debris.  At matches like Ironman or Hard as Hell in talcum powder sand I often had to clean the lens before the next stage.  I think this could be more problematic for people using red dot pistols in roles where they don’t have the luxury of cleaning prior to use.

3)      Most people normally rack the slide at the rear.  The RMR at the rear can interfere with this process depending on your perspective and rear racking leads to more frequent lens cleaning.

Co-witnessed iron sights are essential on a red dot pistol for training to see the dot, aiding in indexing the pistol, and in the event of an optics failure.  Even with a more durable optic like the T-1, there is still a place for co-witnessed irons.  The assorted frame mounted solutions to put a T-1 on a Glock preclude the use of iron sights.  The rear mounted adapter plates for the T-1 make it sit too high and/or force the rear iron sight in front of the optic; changing the iron sight picture that most shooters are used to.  So the question rolling around in my mind for the past couple years was how can a T-1 be mounted to a Glock in a way that preserves the traditional iron sight arrangement?  KE Arms’ 34 slide program presented the right opportunity.


Lacking the cut out of a factory 34 slide, there is material present to mount the T-1.   The 34 slide also has enough length to mount the T-1 up front, without interfering with the movement of the slide over the barrel.  This configuration also allows for the placement of iron sights in their traditional locations.  The rear of the slide is left clear for traditional manipulations as well.

@ke_arms @aimpointusa T-1 micro red dot Glock slide testing #glock34 #glockporn

A video posted by Russell Phagan (@sinistralrifleman) on

The T-1 is much more durable than an RMR, and I believe they will hold up better in use on reciprocating slides.  The T-1 being a completely sealed optic does not have the same vulnerability to fouling as the RMR.

Target transitions with the @ke_arms @aimpointusa T-1 micro Glock slide #glockporn #glock

A video posted by Russell Phagan (@sinistralrifleman) on

An unanticipated benefit is with the dot closer to the front sight, it is more natural for most shooters to acquire and track through movement.  Most pistol shooters have trained to find the front sight first and focus on the front sight.  The proximity of the dot makes this easier we naturally find the dot when the front sight enters the center of our vision.  Getting used to finding the dot has always been a learning curve with red dot pistols.  Co-witnessed irons have made this transition easier with a visual hand off from the irons to the dot before.  Now that process should be even easier with a forward mounted red dot.

The Aimpoint being forward mounted also shifts the center of gravity forward.  Muzzle flip is reduced with the mass moved forward.  Mass of the slide is reduced to compensate for the weight of the optic, without windows all the way through that allow debris to enter the action.

The future

KE Arms will be releasing 34 slides in early 2016.  We will continue to explore the mounting of different optics, to the Glock, different slide lengths, and other platforms.  We are still relatively early in the testing of this concept, but so far it holds great promise.



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