2 Gun Action Challenge Match 10-15-2016

Apparently shooting in armor didn’t slow me down much. 1st/53 overall, 1/8 armored at Two Gun Action Challenge Match
Competitors wearing plates compete in Armored division.


The Ferro Concepts slickster plate carrier was comfortable throughout the day. I haven’t competed in armor in several years, I did not feel noticeably hindered on most of the stages.

KE Arms 2016 Team rifle with Primary Arms, LLC 1-8x and Ballistic Advantage barrel.

KE19 Stealth Special with Leupold Optics Deltapoint Pro in We Plead The 2nd Chuckwulla holster.

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3 Gun Nation Phoenix, AZ 9-25-2016

Unlimited Division
Pistol: KE19 Charlie with Delta Point Pro and KKM Comped Barrel
Rifle: KE Arms Team Rifle with 17.7″ Hanson Ballistic Advantage Barrel and Primary Arms 1-8X
Shotgun: VEPR-12 with Aimpoint Micro
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2GACM Open Vs PCC 8-20-2016

After this match the organizers decided not to have PCC compete heads up against all the other divisions. Stage design not requiring transitions with PCC makes it substantially faster on all but the longest range stages.

Sig MPX with KE Arms DMR trigger and 45 degree selector

KE-15 Patrol and KE-19 Stealth Special

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Rifle/Pistol Match 7-31-2016 with KE Arms Carry Gear

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2 Gun Action Challenge Match 7-16-2016 KE Arms Rifle/Pistol

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Pistol Caliber Anything Match 7-20-2016 with SIG MPX

2/30 PCC Division, 5th/79 Over All
Pistol Caliber Anything Match with Sig MPX
KE Arms DMR Trigger with 45 degree selector
Trijicon MRO

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SIG MPX at 2GACM 7-16-2016

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