Pistol Caliber Anything Match 1-29-2017

3rd/86 Over All, and 2nd/43 in Pistol Caliber Carbine with the KE Arms Glock magazine compatible KE-9

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Lowlight Pistol Match 1-28-2017

6th/37 Shooters Overall using my KE Arms KE19 Stealth Special.

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Arizona 2 Gun 1-7-2017

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Arms Room Hard as Hell Multigun Podcast

Good discussion  on the Arms Room podcast about Hard as Hell multi gun and competition in general


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Out With a Bang Rifle Match

Cowtown Range and Independence Training hosted an end of the year rifle match on 12-31-2016.  It was run under the same rules at the IDARM Match.  I competed in Trooper Division with my KE Arms Shooting Team Rifle and I wore my Ferro Concepts Slickster with Plates even though it was not required for Trooper.  I placed 1st in Trooper and 4th Over All.




Squad 4 At the Match.  KE Arms was the overall match sponsor.



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2 Gun Action Challenge Match 12-17-2016

Another match win in Armored Division.  Still using the Ferro Concepts Slickster Plate Carrier with my KE Arms Patrol Carbine Level 2 and my KE19 Stealth Special with Leupold Deltapoint Pro.

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Hard as Hell Multigun 2016

Another awesome Hard as Hell Multigun this year at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting range.  I ended up placing 8th/23 in Trooper division  Here are most of the stage videos:

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