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RECOIL Magazine Issue 36

My Article on the Lynx-12 Shotgun made the cover of RECOIL Magazine Issue 36.  Click the image above to go to issue 36.  Click here to read a sample from the article.

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Recoil Magazine: VEPR-12 Article

I’m now a freelance contributor to Recoil Magazine. My first article on the VEPR-12 was just published in issue 12. The VEPR-12 is a big improvement over the earlier SAIGA-12. Buy the digital copy online here:

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Ironman 3 Gun 2013

June 2nd-4th 2013 I participated in the MGM Targets Ironman 3 Gun Match in Parma, ID at the Parma Rod and Gun Club June 2nd-4th in Trooper Division. Trooper Division requires that competitors carry all the guns, gear, and ammo … Continue reading

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October 2012 Multigun matches

3/9 Open, 6/62 Overall Rifle: 20″ Palmetto upper with Samson Evo 15″ handguard and Leupold HAMR Shotgun: 24″ Saiga-12 with Aimpoint M2 in RS Regulate Mount. Note the new tan AGP magazines 1st/41 overall, 1st/5 Open Rifle: 16″ CMMG with … Continue reading

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Saiga-12 Accessories Worth Having

Here is a run down on some of the Saiga-12 accessories I am currently using that have increased the functionality of the shotgun and held up well under regular use. RS Regulate Aimpoint Mount The RS Regulate mount attaches to … Continue reading

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The Saiga-12 Saga…

There’s been been discussion recently on other blogs and forums about Saiga-12s, their reliability, modifications required out of the box, and durability.  I was an early adopter of the platform, and started using them competitively in action shooting sports in … Continue reading

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How to load a Saiga-12 on a closed bolt.

Since 2006 the Saiga-12 has seen increased popularity by competitive and recreational shooters.  The ability to rapidly reload by changing magazines rather than stuffing shells in a tube is the source of the Saiga-12’s  popularity.  There currently is no other … Continue reading

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Coyote Tactical 3-Gun Trooper Vest

Now that the 2011 Tiger Valley Team Match is done, my focus on training and preparation is now for the Ironman 3 Gun June 5th-7th in Parma Idaho. The round count at Ironman is about 3 times that of traditional … Continue reading

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