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2GACM 6-18-2016

Some of my youtube viewers said that they liked more explanation in my match videos.  So I am playing with a new video format for my match videos: 2nd/44 Overall

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Rio Salado 3 Gun 6-11-2016

Back to Stealth Division after shooting Ironman 2016.  I used my KE-15 SBR, KE19 Pistol, and Beretta 1301 with KE accessories. 3rd/10 shooters in Stealth Division, 10th/64 Over All.

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VEPR-12 at Ironman 3 Gun 2016

VEPR-12 Highlights and over view from Ironman 3 Gun 2016

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Ironman 3 Gun 2016

This is my video playlist in the order I shot the stages.  I placed 5th/34 Troopers and 20th/120 shooters over all.  

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May 2016 2GACM

In preparation for Ironman 3 Gun 2016 I shot the May 2GACM match twice.  Once in Pistol Caliber Carbine division, and once in Open division. Brethren Arms BA9 with Atibal MCRD 2/60 Overall This second run didn’t count for score, but … Continue reading

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