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Coyote Tactical Fore End Wrap

There are a lot of free float rail system options available for AR15 rifles now.  In the past few years manufacturers started producing lightweight options without as much rail on them.  Most users don’t mount much more than a sling, … Continue reading

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1-21-2012 ACTS Tucson, AZ

The Tucson ACTS crew continues to ramp up the physical challenges at their matches.  While I still performed OK this month at 5th/41 over all, 2nd/19 in Open I didn’t feel at my best after a week of eating too … Continue reading

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1-8-2012 Tactical Carbine Defense Match

Carrying the 70 pound kettle bell on Stage 2 Phoenix Rod and Gun’s January Tactical Carbine defense match was a test of physical fitness and accurate shooting under stress.  The stages put more emphasis on accuracy than typically seen at … Continue reading

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