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The Case for Rifle/Pistol Matches

The number one reason people tell me they don’t want to shoot 3 Gun is because they don’t have/don’t want to buy a shotgun just for shooting a game.  I have heard this more and more over the past 5 … Continue reading

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Coyote Tactical 3-Gun Trooper Vest

Now that the 2011 Tiger Valley Team Match is done, my focus on training and preparation is now for the Ironman 3 Gun June 5th-7th in Parma Idaho. The round count at Ironman is about 3 times that of traditional … Continue reading

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Speed Test Extended Hold vs Magazine Well Hold.

Action competition shooters have been using a support arm extended hold for some time now.  The reason for this is it allows the shooter to drive the gun target to target faster with less over travel.  The more mass that … Continue reading

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Coolest 3-Gun Stage to Date

I’ve shot hundreds of 3-Gun Stages over the past 10 years.  National level matches allow match organizers the time and resources to do things that aren’t possible in club level events.   There have been some pretty cool stages at these … Continue reading

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AR15 Dirt/Dust Test

In October of 2009 a debate was raging on one of the local shooting forums as to how reliable AR15s could be when exposed to dirt and debris in desert environments.  I have always believed that AR15s are more reliable … Continue reading

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Red Dot Glock at Ironman 3-Gun 2010

RMR-Glock at Ironman 3 Gun 2010 AAR June 10th-12th, 2010 I competed in the Ironman 3 Gun Match in Parma Idaho. The Ironman 3 Gun is unlike most other competitions in that it has a round count roughly 3 times … Continue reading

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ACTS February-April 2011

The American Confederation of Tactical Shooters Arizona division hosts monthly Rifle/Pistol Matches at the Pima Pistol Club on the 3rd Saturday of every month. ACTS distinguishes itself from traditional action shooting sports in stage design.  The stages often incorporate physical … Continue reading

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Coyote Tactical 3-Gun Vest

I had Coyote Tactical make this vest to my specifications back in January of this year It may be over kill for most matches, but if you’re going to be a tube-fed Ironman Trooper its probably just enough. Its purpose … Continue reading

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2011 Tiger Valley AAR

2011 Tiger Valley Team Match After Action Report. The Tiger Valley Tactical Team Match is something unlike any other match open to the public.  Competitors work in groups of 4 to solve practical shooting and physical challenges and are graded … Continue reading

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Welcome to my internet!

I decided to start a blog to have a centralized location for all the competition, training, and match reviews I’ve normally posted on forums over the years.  I will be reposting some old ones, and adding new ones as I … Continue reading

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