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The Arms Room SMM3G and Intro to Competition Podcast

Click the image above to follow the link to the podcast    

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Arms Room Hard as Hell Multigun Podcast

Good discussion  on the Arms Room podcast about Hard as Hell multi gun and competition in general

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LIMITED DIVISION-3 Gun Divisions Break Down

One of the most common reasons people tell me they don’t want to compete is “I don’t have the right gear”.  There is a misconception that you must have super tricked out race guns to even show up.  While it … Continue reading

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.300 Blackout in .223 KaBoom

.300 Blackout has gained a lot of attention since it made it’s debut in 2011. There have been caliber conversions for ARs for decades, but they generally required a new bolt and magazine in addition to a barrel. What made .300 … Continue reading

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Internet Rumor Control: Epic KaBoom!

Hell, I was there… They say anything that goes on the net will never go away. This is definitely true, In the past week an image of a rifle that suffered a catastrophic failure has gone viral. Again. Unfortunately when … Continue reading

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Police Auction Guns in Arizona

In this video I interview Shooter’s World’s Firearms manager, Don Langworthy, about the firearms they purchase from police departments under Arizona’s law that prohibits destruction of firearms seized by or surrendered to law enforcement.

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AGP Arms Ruger 10/22 Take Down Kit Review/Test

AGP Arms of Tempe, Arizona is a spin off from custom car parts maker AGP Turbo.  AGP’s Owner/President Kevin T. answers my questions about getting into the gun business and his products below.  My questions are in bold, his answers … Continue reading

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Don Langworthy wins Pecos Run-N-Gun 2012

The Pecos Run-N-Gun is a shooting and foot race biathlon held in the West Texas desert.  It has never really been advertised and if you Google it most of what you will find are old forum posts of people talking about it.  The important … Continue reading

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The Suarez Group and Red Dot Glocks

Advancing/Improving technology and products and trying new concepts has always been one of the things I enjoyed most about working in the firearms industry and competing in the action shooting sports.  There is always room to improve products and make … Continue reading

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