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Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x JM

As I discussed in my 3 Gun Division Break Down: Tac-Scope article 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition has been fueling the quest for do everything optics.  Tac-Scope equipment division rules and 3 Gun stage design reward having a single optic … Continue reading

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OPEN DIVISION: 3 Gun Divisions Break Down

Open Division is the almost anything goes division. When people use the term “race guns” they are often referring to Open Division equipment. There is a common misconception that buying expensive equipment is a substitute for skill.  Without the requisite … Continue reading

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.308 in Competition: Observations

Over the past couple years I’ve shot .308 in matches a lot more than I ever have before.  The .223 ammo shortage created by the Barackalypse Part II in December of 2012 is partially responsible for this.  The other factor … Continue reading

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Ruger 10/22 Tactical Take Down with AGP Arms Stock Kit

In late 2011 AGP Arms of Tempe, Arizona released an aftermarket mod kit for the Ruger 10/22 to turn it into a take down rifle.  You can watch my original video on it here.  Ruger also released their own take … Continue reading

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TAC-SCOPE-3 Gun Divisions Break Down

Continuing from my first post explaining Limited Division 3 Gun, this post on Tac-Scope Division will be more of a history lesson.  The equipment rules for Tac-Scope are otherwise the same as Limited or Tac-Irons with a single magnifying optic … Continue reading

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LIMITED DIVISION-3 Gun Divisions Break Down

One of the most common reasons people tell me they don’t want to compete is “I don’t have the right gear”.  There is a misconception that you must have super tricked out race guns to even show up.  While it … Continue reading

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RMR Equipped Glock: Solving Shooting Problems

One of the best things about competition is using it to validate equipment you are using.  Did it help or hinder your performance?  Being forced to solve a variety of shooting problems that you might not want to practice on … Continue reading

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