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Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x JM

As I discussed in my 3 Gun Division Break Down: Tac-Scope article 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition has been fueling the quest for do everything optics.  Tac-Scope equipment division rules and 3 Gun stage design reward having a single optic … Continue reading

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OPEN DIVISION: 3 Gun Divisions Break Down

Open Division is the almost anything goes division. When people use the term “race guns” they are often referring to Open Division equipment. There is a common misconception that buying expensive equipment is a substitute for skill.  Without the requisite … Continue reading

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.308 in Competition: Observations

Over the past couple years I’ve shot .308 in matches a lot more than I ever have before.  The .223 ammo shortage created by the Barackalypse Part II in December of 2012 is partially responsible for this.  The other factor … Continue reading

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Ruger 10/22 Tactical Take Down with AGP Arms Stock Kit

In late 2011 AGP Arms of Tempe, Arizona released an aftermarket mod kit for the Ruger 10/22 to turn it into a take down rifle.  You can watch my original video on it here.  Ruger also released their own take … Continue reading

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TAC-SCOPE-3 Gun Divisions Break Down

Continuing from my first post explaining Limited Division 3 Gun, this post on Tac-Scope Division will be more of a history lesson.  The equipment rules for Tac-Scope are otherwise the same as Limited or Tac-Irons with a single magnifying optic … Continue reading

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LIMITED DIVISION-3 Gun Divisions Break Down

One of the most common reasons people tell me they don’t want to compete is “I don’t have the right gear”.  There is a misconception that you must have super tricked out race guns to even show up.  While it … Continue reading

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RMR Equipped Glock: Solving Shooting Problems

One of the best things about competition is using it to validate equipment you are using.  Did it help or hinder your performance?  Being forced to solve a variety of shooting problems that you might not want to practice on … Continue reading

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Inside My 3 Gun Range Pack

I’ve never been a fan of using carts or converted strollers to carry my ammo and gear around the range at 3 Gun Matches.  Using a pack and a double long gun case works at any range regardless of terrain … Continue reading

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Airsoft as a Competition Training Tool

My uncle is a retired police firearms instructor.  In his retirement he got into shooting airsoft and air guns at his home to keep his marksmanship skills sharp.  It was cheaper and easier than going to the range for him … Continue reading

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Berry’s Steel Open-LIMITED OPTICS and PCC Divisions

High Round Count, All Steel I haven’t shot a pistol only match in a long time, but the Berry’s Steel Open sounds fun and challenging.  There will be 14 stages of 35+ rounds, 4 Steel challenge stages at 20 rounds. … Continue reading

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