TCB Holsters XenoMod


I’ve carried this Glock 34 since 2005.  In 2011 after the factory finish was eaten away and pitted from sweating all over it during the hot months in Arizona, I had it Nickel Boron coated.  Two years later the Nickel Boron coating was wearing through from sweating on it during daily carry.  Even with daily wipe downs it kept getting worse.

It became clear that the corrosion was forming at the back of the pistol where the sweat guard on my holster stopped.  After 8 years of carry it was time to retire the old pistol and get a new one.  It was also time to get a new holster.

TCB Holsters is a custom holster manufacturer located in San Tan Valley, AZ.  I met with the owner, Jason, and showed him my old holster and the corrosion problem I was having on my Glock.  Jason said extending the sweat guard all the way up past the back of the slide wouldn’t be a problem.  A few weeks later my new holster was done.


In addition to protecting against sweat, the XenoMod also is more comfortable because it keeps the rear sight from being able to press into the body.  If you use sights with sharp edges or serrations this is another big advantage in comfort.

TCB Holsters will be offering the XenoMod on most models.  Contact them here.

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