September 2013 Multi-Gun Matches

2 Gun Action Challenge Match 9-21-2013

This match was a bit different in that we shot the first 3 stages, scores were calculated then shooters faced off in a man vs man shoot off.  The winner’s time was reduced by 30 seconds and the loser’s time added 30 seconds.  Hans ran a tight race against me, I rushed my last few shots not taking enough time to get a clear sight picture costing me the shoot off.  Losing the shoot-off dropped me down from 7th to 14th place/30 shooters.

Phoenix Rod and Gun 3 Gun 9-22-2013

PRG’s 3 Gun match does not change much month to month, but it is an opprtunity to work on speed more than I can at the 2 Gun Action Challenge match which tends to be more accuracy centric with its’ scoring.  The Trijicon SRS turned out to be a disappointing optic.  The day before at 2 Gun some weird halo effects were noticeable around the reticle particularly during the shoot-off stage.  Looking into the sun on stage 1 at PRG the dot was not clear at all.  Depending on the angle I looked at targets a red rectangle appeared around the reticle.  When I went prone the dot became more clear and I could shoot the targets at range easier.   This review on The Bang Switch is entirely accurate.  I still managed to place 1st/6 in Tac-Limited.

Rio Salado Rifle Match 9-29-2013

I switched back to the Aimpoint Micro on my CAV-15, which is a better fit for this rifle anyway due to weight savings.  16th/79 Shooters.

About SinistralRifleman

I've been competing in the action shooting sports since 2002. I believe competition shooting to be an excellent way to build gun handling and marksmanship skills and encourage all gun owners to seek out some form of competition shooting. Anyone can become reasonably good at it if they devote the time and resources to do so. Winning, while nice, need not be your goal; bettering yourself through the pursuit of excellence is something we all can achieve.
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