KE Arms Triggers in the CAV-15 MKII

I keep getting questions about which triggers will work in a CAV-15 MKII based on my old article on the subject


As may be apparent from my video content and articles here, I now work as the marketing director for KE Arms.  So I have had ample opportunity to test KE Arms triggers in the CAV-15 MKII receivers; both Cavalry Arms Corp produced units and GWACS Armory produced units.  Given my current position it is unlikely I will test other brands of triggers in the CAV-15 MKII.


The DMR trigger fits into the CAV-15 MKII receiver with no modifications required to the lower, unlike the CMC.  It also functions without the use of the Big Pin from Cavalry Manufacturing that is no longer available.  The DMR works with standard fire control pins and is secured in place with 2 tensions screws on the sides of the housing that place upward pressure on the pins.  This does not cause any reliability issues in the CAV-15 MKII receiver that I encountered with other designs that tension against the bottom.


KE Arms DMR Trigger and 45 degree selector installed.


The Enhanced Fire Control in NP3 coating is the best option for a shooter looking for a lower cost, but improved mil-spec trigger pull.  The hammer and trigger are made from high pressure investment castings.  All the engagement surfaces are machined to work optimally together.  This combined with the NP3 coating makes for a smooth pull and slick reset.


KE Arms 45 degree selector and Enhanced NP3 Fire Control Installed




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