Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x JM

As I discussed in my 3 Gun Division Break Down: Tac-Scope article 3 Gun or Multi-Gun Competition has been fueling the quest for do everything optics.  Tac-Scope equipment division rules and 3 Gun stage design reward having a single optic that can handle as wide a range of shooting problems as possible.  The Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x JM (hereafter Razor HD) is as close to a true do everything optic that I have had the opportunity to use. The Razor HD is made in Japan, but the quality of this optic is as good as any American or European glass I have used.  It has a 30mm tube and the optical clarity and light gathering is excellent.  The photos below really don’t do it justice compared to viewing through it yourself.


IMG_6506The Razor HD is heavy at 25.2oz.  For this much functionality, the weight is a necessity.  I used an Aero Precision lightweight scope mount to add as little extra weight as possible.  You will need an extended or potentially extra long extended scope mount to help mount the Razor HD properly with it’s long eye relief.  It is important to note that the eye relief does get shorter the higher the magnification setting.  Make sure the scope is mounted to work well on the highest magnification.  The Aero Precision mount was easy to install and solid. IMG_6511 Caps off showing exposed turrets. IMG_6514 The windage and elevation adjustments are 1/2 MOA per click. IMG_6754 Switching from 1 to 6 power is a very long movement requiring 180 degree rotation.  I added a The Shooters Source Universal Scope lever to help turning the magnification up and down.  It has a long plastic strap that has threads molded into it.  It is tightened by twisting the knob and the extra length is cut off.IMG_6751 The brightness adjustment knob is pulled out into the unlocked position to turn it on or off.  Every other position is off, making it easy to turn on to your preferred setting from off with one click.   For daylight visibility I used setting 10 or 11 most of the time in the Arizona Desert.  The battery cap is easily opened with a coin and houses a single CR2032.

Looking through the Razor HD Gen 2

The JM Reticle was designed in conjunction with renowned competitor Jerry Miculek to give action shooters fast and functional aiming.

sub_rzr-g2_s_1-6x24_jm-1_moa JM


Magnification on 1X


Magnification on 1.5X


Magnification on 2X


Magnification on 3X


Magnification on 4X


Magnification on 5X


Magnification on 6X.  Plates are 14″x16″ at 300 yards.

Using the Razor HD


The Razor HD was very easy and fun to use over all.  The long eye relief, true 1X setting, and active day light illumination make the Razor HD almost as good as using a red dot at close range.  The reason I say almost as good is there still is a window the shooters eye must be behind.  However even from awkward positions like shooting underneath a car off both shoulders it was not noticeably slower for me than using a red dot.  The BDC worked well out to 400 where I was able to use it a few times.  The only time I was able to shoot to 600 was at the end of a stage at Hard as Hell 3 Gun after running through a trench and up a hill from a semi-supported position, so I would not consider that a good test of how well the BDC actually works vs my ability under stress.  Watch the highlights video below to get an idea of how well the Razor HD works in solving different shooting problems:

If you’re looking for a do everything optic the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 1-6x JM should be at the top of the list.  I have never had a single optic that worked as well under so many different conditions.

Photos by Whiskey Two Four Studios

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