Saiga-12 Accessories Worth Having

Here is a run down on some of the Saiga-12 accessories I am currently using that have increased the functionality of the shotgun and held up well under regular use.

RS Regulate Aimpoint Mount

The RS Regulate mount attaches to the side rail of the Saiga-12 (or any other AK with side rail).  The Aimpoint has minimal bore offset for natural cheek weld, and iron sights can co-witness through it (if your gun has them).  It also allows disassemly of the Saiga-12 with the optic still in place.  This is an important feature as Saiga-12s require much more regular cleaning than traditional AKs.  Most of the other side rail optics I’ve tried either sit too high or require removal (and thus rezeroing) to field strip the gun.

I witness mark all the screws so I can tell at a glance if something is coming loose.

The RS Regulate mount also allows side to side adjustment to center the optic over the bore.

AGP Arms Side Folding Stock

The AGP Arms side folding stock has a rugged hinge and latch for a solid lock up.  The injection molded stock is strong and light.  The rubber butt pad effectively reduces recoil.  This particular gun has about 2,000 rounds through it with this stock and it’s still solid.  I shot an ACE stock apart before in ~1500 rounds.  If you want a folding stock on your Saiga-12 this is the one to have.  You will need an adapter block and to cut off the tang of the trunion, but it is easy for end users to install.

Krebb’s Iron Sights

The Krebb’s Iron sights consist of the front post pictured above and a ghost ring rear that sits in the slot on top of the gas tube of the Saiga-12.  Windage is zeroed by rotating the front sight right or left (locktite the screws in place) and adjusting the AR15 style front post.  I have an XS big dot front sight in mine; its a natural fit for use on a shotgun.

Tromix Do-It-Yourself Trigger Guard/Fire Control Conversion

I converted the guns pictured above with the Tromix DIY Trigger Guard and fire control sets.  Removing the factory fire control and installing these parts is a simple job with a dremel tool and/or a drill.  Swapping out these parts allows the use of standard AK stocks and pistol grips and helps meet 922(r) parts count requirements.  There are a number of guides online for how to do the conversion yourself.  No need to spend hundreds of dollars on a gunsmith or wait weeks/months if all you want is a simple conversion.

King Armory Gas Piston

The Saiga-12 has a small removable piston in the gas block between the gas setting adjuster and what is normally the piston on an ak, but acts as an operating rod on the Saiga-12.  The King Armory Gas Piston features a bevelled front edge to help keep debris (lead and plastic shavings come through the gas ports from clogging the operating system).  It also counts as a US part to help comply with 922(r)

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