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Hard as Hell 3 Gun 2014

Backgound 2014 was my thirteenth year competing in action shooting events. Matches have started becoming routine after going to the same ones year after year. Even with the more challenging events I go to like the Ironman 3 Gun I … Continue reading

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Ironman 3 Gun 2013

June 2nd-4th 2013 I participated in the MGM Targets Ironman 3 Gun Match in Parma, ID at the Parma Rod and Gun Club June 2nd-4th in Trooper Division. Trooper Division requires that competitors carry all the guns, gear, and ammo … Continue reading

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2 Gun Action Challenge Match 5-18-2013

2/34 over all, 2/7 Open I used the rifle and pistol I will use at Ironman 3 Gun in a couple weeks. Most of the rifle shooting was done with the Aimpoint micro on top of the HAMR. I use … Continue reading

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2 Gun Action Challenge Match 2-16-2013

3rd/50 Shooters Over All, 1st/4 Open Rifle: Sig 556R with Aimpoint M4 Pistol: OST-TSD Glock 17 with RMR07 Given the present ammo shortage, I’m glad I have a lot of 7.62x39mm and that it is still relatively available compared to … Continue reading

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The Suarez Group and Red Dot Glocks

Advancing/Improving technology and products and trying new concepts has always been one of the things I enjoyed most about working in the firearms industry and competing in the action shooting sports.  There is always room to improve products and make … Continue reading

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October 2012 Multigun matches

3/9 Open, 6/62 Overall Rifle: 20″ Palmetto upper with Samson Evo 15″ handguard and Leupold HAMR Shotgun: 24″ Saiga-12 with Aimpoint M2 in RS Regulate Mount. Note the new tan AGP magazines 1st/41 overall, 1st/5 Open Rifle: 16″ CMMG with … Continue reading

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September 2012 Multigun Matches

ACTS 9-15-2012 10/46 overall and 3/9 in Open.  With the weather cooling down the physical difficulty has been ramped back up. Agility was definitely a factor at this match. My Rifle is Century Underfolder AK with US PALM mount for … Continue reading

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