WWSD2020 – KP15 First Field Trials

The very first test runs of serial numbers 1-50 of the KE Arms KP15 polymer lower have been through by-hand secondary operations and are out at the 2g-ACM match for field trials a mere few days after they were vibration welded.

In this video we test three of the very first test KP15 lowers by running them through the match in three different configurations.

We discuss everything that has progressed so far to get to this point and what the next steps are.

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About SinistralRifleman

I've been competing in the action shooting sports since 2002. I believe competition shooting to be an excellent way to build gun handling and marksmanship skills and encourage all gun owners to seek out some form of competition shooting. Anyone can become reasonably good at it if they devote the time and resources to do so. Winning, while nice, need not be your goal; bettering yourself through the pursuit of excellence is something we all can achieve.
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