Desert Brutality 2020 Q&A


James C Are 9mm pcc’s allowed

Angus A – So if I was freakishly lucky enough to own an NFA full auto SMG from WW2, what classic division would it be? Is there a PCC category?

Brandon A – Can PCCs be shot in place of a rifle, and can they be still in pistol/pistol brace form?


Joe L – What would you consider the ideal setup to be for Retro?

Darren B – What would be your choice of pistol if shooting the “Retro” division?

Arturo C – Other than holsters, are there any rules or restrictions regarding gear (slings, pouches, belts, vests, etc.) for Retro?

Henry C – What is the rational for prohibiting an ambidextrous safety in Retro Division?

Samuel K – Whats the reason behind the “no rails” rule on retro and classic rifles?


Robert B – I am trying Armored +p this year. Looks like the rules have changed slightly. Can you clarify the changes.


dylan p – Will competitors in the manual division still have the same par time as the other divisions?

Christopher G – In regards to classic division handguns, particularly the pre-1946 designation. Are later manufacture date firearms that are otherwise identical to their pre 46 designs acceptable?

Spencer M – As a classic-manual combatant, assuming I’m in decent shape, and have functional weapon handling skills, how ready should I be to par every stage?

James B – To clarify – I’ve watched the videos you and Ian, BOTR have made re: bolt action rifles vs. semi autos… Have you seen folks take this as a challenge in matches in real life, rather than petulant foot stomping on the internet?


Bunny Can you recommend a good pistol holster for two-gun, because I’ve heard Karl say normal competition holsters don’t have enough retention?

Alexander H Aimpoint Acro, DeltaPoint Pro, Trijicon RMR?

Tim Why did you implement the new secondary equipment rules?

Donald W Why no RATS tourniquets?

Andrew K In past videos you have all stated that “slide mounted red-dots are the future;” when do you believe that competition divisions will start to reflect this impending ubiquity and allow them in classes other than open/armored/carry optics?


Stephen A With DB2020 full with patrons, what’s the likelihood for a waitlisted individual to be able to compete?

Travis W My question is will there be changes in the future that will accommodate for non patreon subscribers to make it to future events?

Nick N Why did the armored spots go so fast?


Jacob B What’s the word on spectators for the event?


Tom B. Any chance of seeing team stages similar to Tiger Valley at any of the Brutality or 2g-ACM matches?

Craig S What motivated you guys to develop more physical matches over the USPSA, IDPA norm?

Scott H Would you ever consider forcing reloads to be done behind cover?

Eric L Would you ever consider a “plainclothes” division for 2Gun using only a holster?

Tyler D Do you feel that your preference for 2 Gun over 3 Gun is due to the dislike of the 3 gun combination or the more “martial” aspects of 2 gun? Or something else?


PAUL S What is the contingency plan for a winter storm closing the roads to the range and making the event delayed or cancelled?

Jeff K Do you need any ROs or are those slots filled?

Bakuto Are there any guns you’d like to see people bring/think would be interesting to see used?

Clark L Can we expect a “socialized” prize table similar to DB2019?

Jeff I Are there any divisions that seem undeservedly less populated, and if so, would the Brutality matches benefit from incentivizing (score/equipment/time) shooters to choose them?


Eki T How useful is a .22 for match training purposes?

Connor D What’s the best way for someone limited to a static (no movement allowed) range to train for DB?

moosemaimer What would you consider to be the bar for entry to a DB event, as in, what should someone be capable of in terms of shooting ability and athleticism?

Trygve What do you think is a safe minimum when it comes to gear, weapon platforms, formal instruction, and experience before attending a 2-gun action challenge match?


Tristan P In the future, when handheld rail guns or energy weapons are a thing, how will you accommodate them at matches?

Jose H Do neither of you have injuries at 40-ish that complicate or hinder your match performance?

Alan A bizarro version of you falls out a time warp armed with G11, An-94, or any of the project SPIW/SALVO guns. By how much (if at all) does he outperform you using a modern AR-15 carbine (with modern optics) at Desert Brutality/2GACM?

Fred R Will the Emperor protect me during this match?

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