Now that you have a gun, get training

Dear Family and Friends,

In the past week we have been contacted by many of you for advice when looking to make your first firearms purchase due to security concerns, or looking to add more to the collection based on the potential for legislation. We appreciate that you trust our knowledge and experience when it comes to the technical aspects of firearms. If you have made purchases, we welcome you to the fold as gun owners. As Jeff Cooper once said, “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” You have started on the path to being self reliant, it is now time to continue on that path with training.

From basic safety, basic operation of the firearms, maintenance and cleaning, to advanced shooting techniques and improving your skills, we can train you to become more proficient in the use of your firearms. We prefer small class sizes of 4-6 students. Individuals, couples, or families, are all welcome. We can present a class specific to the firearms you own and make you and your loved ones comfortable and capable of handling them safely and effectively.

With rights come responsibilities, and as a gun owner it is your duty to seek out training and improve your skills. If not from us, please consider taking training from any reputable training school.

Please contact me privately at to discuss your firearms training needs


Russell Phagan

About SinistralRifleman

I've been competing in the action shooting sports since 2002. I believe competition shooting to be an excellent way to build gun handling and marksmanship skills and encourage all gun owners to seek out some form of competition shooting. Anyone can become reasonably good at it if they devote the time and resources to do so. Winning, while nice, need not be your goal; bettering yourself through the pursuit of excellence is something we all can achieve.
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