Arizona Security Professionals Armed Guard Class

I have been exploring new career opportunities and came across a few that would require an Arizona Department of Public Safety Armed Guard certification. Arizona Security Professionals (ASP) was recommended to me by several people as being the best company to take training from in the Phoenix Metro Area. I took their armed guard class based upon these recommendations. The course is designed for the novice that knows nothing about firearms or the relevant sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes, and the curriculum is mandated by AZ DPS. With those things in mind, the legal portions of the class were still beneficial for someone with my level of experience with firearms.

The class was instructed primarily by ASP Sgt. Gary Hayden, with other ASP personnel dropping in for additional instruction throughout the course. Sgt. Hayden and the other instructors have a lot of practical experience. Relating those experiences when discussing the legal portions of the class made the class more engaging and gave the students a better understanding of the law.

In Arizona security guards operate in the same capacity as any other citizen with no special powers; thus the legal portion was equally applicable to the armed citizen/concealed carrier. It is worth noting, that ASP also offers CCW classes and we were told the curriculum is very similar. I last took a CCW course in 2003, so the refresher was a good thing for me. While the state no longer requires training or qualifications for renewals of CCWs, it is probably a good idea for the armed citizen to do both occasionally. Formal documentation of training and shooting skills can be a good thing, should you find yourself in court.

The shooting qualification was more advanced than that of a CCW class with a total of 50 rounds required at 15-3 yards, including drawing from the holster and reloads. Par times were used for each string, but they were fairly generous. While not particularly challenging for an experienced shooter, getting a formal state recognized demonstration of shooting ability is likely a good thing for the courtroom.

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I would recommend ASPs Armed Guard course to anyone looking to get into that profession. I also think it might be of benefit to property/business owners for educational purposes on use of force, criminal law, and arrest powers in the state of Arizona.

Here’s their promo video:

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