June 2012 Matches


2nd /46 Shooters Over All, 1st/16 Open

I used my AK underfolder I won from East Valley Class 3 this month.  I added an Aimpoint M2 in Midwest Industries Mount.  I don’t really care for the AK underfolder stock, but with the Aimpoint in place I don’t have to jam my face down on the stock so hard to use the sights.  Adding a red dot to anything makes it much easier to use effectively, and this AK was no exception.  I placed surprisingly well with it, in part I think to using the Saiga-12 so much recently with the sights and operating controls being similar.

Phoenix Rod and Gun 3 Gun

I used my SCAR-H in a match for the first time in Tactical Limited with an Aimpoint M4.  My scores on the rifle stages were on par with other shooters using AR15s.  So again I don’t feel that using this particular 7.62mm platform is noticeably more difficult than using an AR15 carbine.

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I've been competing in the action shooting sports since 2002. I believe competition shooting to be an excellent way to build gun handling and marksmanship skills and encourage all gun owners to seek out some form of competition shooting. Anyone can become reasonably good at it if they devote the time and resources to do so. Winning, while nice, need not be your goal; bettering yourself through the pursuit of excellence is something we all can achieve.
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