Coyote Tactical 3-Gun Vest

I had Coyote Tactical make this vest to my specifications back in January of this year

It may be over kill for most matches, but if you’re going to be a tube-fed Ironman Trooper its probably just enough.

Its purpose built for carrying the California Comp Works carriers. The CCW carriers are the UM84 style; there is a 2.75″ section of rigid nylon underneath for them to attach to. They are easily removable if I’m not using a shotgun. The vest has two duty keepers that tie into my pants belt and duty belt the prevent it from riding up when ripping out the shells.  The suspension system is an H-harness style to distribute weight better and avoid pinching the back of the neck.

The AR mag pouches are kydex lined to retain the mags. They work with PMAGs or USGI.

The mag carriers and shell carriers are offset to the right because I am left handed (reload with right hand)

The left side of the vest has a removable pouch for first aid supplies available through Cavalry Manufacturing

About SinistralRifleman

I've been competing in the action shooting sports since 2002. I believe competition shooting to be an excellent way to build gun handling and marksmanship skills and encourage all gun owners to seek out some form of competition shooting. Anyone can become reasonably good at it if they devote the time and resources to do so. Winning, while nice, need not be your goal; bettering yourself through the pursuit of excellence is something we all can achieve.
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