Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun 2014

SMM3G 2014 is done.  I had a great time shooting with the  range officers on Wednesday and Thursday before the main match began.  I ended up placing 17th/53 Shooters in Tac-Limited or about 70% of the match winner’s score.  This is up 5% from my place last year of 13/37 shooters or 65% of the match winner’s score.

I used the same upper from the CAV-15 MKII Abuse test with an Aimpoint M4 and TSD Kompressor added.  This upper had standard M4 Handguards, and was not free floated.  I used a very basic upper deliberately to demonstrate that dedicated 3 gun uppers are not necessary to shoot reasonably well, particularly in Tac-Limited division.

The Beretta 1301 Competition shotgun I used I had only had for about a week and only used at one local match.  It worked flawlessly and is currently probably the best out of the box 3 Gun Shotgun.  My full review of the 1301 can be found in issue 13 of Recoil Magazine at the end of May 2014.

I used my TSD Combat Systems Glock 17 with Warren Tactical Sevigny Sights.  It just works and continues to be a little more accurate than my stock 17.

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Recoil Magazine: VEPR-12 Article

I’m now a freelance contributor to Recoil Magazine. My first article on the VEPR-12 was just published in issue 12. The VEPR-12 is a big improvement over the earlier SAIGA-12.

Buy the digital copy online here:

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GWACS Armory CAV-15 MKII Abuse Test

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SHTF+ Wrap

Honor Point manufactures quality Nylon gear all made in the United States.  Honor Point has developed an enhanced version of the SHTF (Stop Heat TransFer) Wrap with thermal insulating material.  The SHTF+ performs even better than the original on metal handguards/free float tubes.
Order online from my webstore here or from Honor Point here

If you’re a dealer interested in the SHTF+ Wrap or other Honor Point products send me an email to

2816SHTFwrap04 2816SHTFwrap05 2816SHTFwrap06

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2 Gun Action Challenge Match 1-18-2014

2nd/45 Overall

Stage 3 (the first one in the video, the first I shot) was a good opportunity to shoot at 200-150 yards. The HAMR worked well on this stage, though I used the Aimpoint Micro for position three because of the way the sunlight was coming through the scope. The wide field of view on the HAMR match target to target transitions easy. Every other stage I used the Aimpoint micro mounted on top. I have the Aimpoint zeroed at 50 yards, and the bore offset isn’t much worse to deal with than standard tall Aimpoint micro mounts. I was only 2nd by 3 seconds, the 30-40 yard pistol shots on Stage 2 (last in the video) cost me. It’s been a while since I have shot that far with iron sights on a pistol.

GWACS Armory 16″ Lightweight CAV-15 MKII
TSD Kompressor
Samson Evo Rail
Leupold HAMR with Aimpoint Micro in Hahn Precision Mount
CMC Trigger

TSD Combat Systems Glock 17
Warren/Tactical/Sevigny Sights

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2014 SHOT Show

Here are some of the interesting things I saw at SHOT Show 2014


Blue Force Gear’s Tacti-Raptor conquers all SHOT Show exhibits for now and all time!


Crimson Trace Rail  Master Pro
This is a light/laser combo unit available with green or red laser and a 100 lumen light.  It runs on a single CR123 battery for up to an hour of continuous use.  It has 4 modes; laser only, light only, light and laser, and strobing light and laser.  MSRP $279 for red, $379 for Green.


Glock 42 Subcompact .380. While I would have preferred to see this in 9mm.  It is small without being too small, and it has the same trigger pull and reset as a full size Glock.  This is a critical feature for continuity of training for shooters who use full size Glocks most of the time.


Samson Manufacturing has released their own line of Aimpoint mounts and their own 3.5x magnifier.  I hope to do a complete review of these products in the future.


Hornady’s new safe is the ideal balance of security and accessbility.  Users can use a mechanical key, combination code pad, magnetic card, or wrist band to open the safe.  When accessed the lid springs open presenting the handgun contained in a slot with thick foam on both sides.  It plugs into the wall and uses AA batteries for back up.  This design really addresses a lot of the things wrong with other electronic safes as far as ease of use goes.  MSRP will be around $250.00


Safariland GLS holster.  The retention device is disengaged when the shooter grips the handgun naturally.


New Safariland holster for red dot equipped pistols.  It has a cover that completely encloses the pistol protecting the sight from environmental conditions.  The cover swings out of the way on the draw.


Safariland 7TS Injection Molded holsters.  These are available with both SLS or ALS mechanisms.  Safariland Reps stated that the material is stronger than their orginal holster designs.  MSRP is around $50.00.


Magpul MOE AK47 Mag.  Significantly lighter than traditional AK mags.  These are supposed to work in the Sig 556R as well.




GG&G offset irons are a fast to acquire ghost ring style.

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2 Gun Action Challenge Match 12-21-2013

Rifle: SIG 556R with Kompressor and Aimpoint M4
Pistol: TSD Combat Systems Glock 17 with Warren Tactical Sights

4th/39 Overall

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